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"We learned a lot from watching your videos."

"It was the best money I spent on cows this year."

George Callen
Kings High Ranch, LLC, TX

With calving season always on the horizon, if not here, it' s always smart to learn (or review) some of
the basics, calving problems and emergencies that can occur. While calving losses are not all preventable,
with the proper awareness, knowledge and procedures these losses can be kept to a minimum.

The two excellent color DVDs offered on this website provide the livestock owner - whether new or experienced - with invaluable information, guidance and tips to broaden calving knowledge.

Both DVDs Were filmed by Dr. Bill Clampit, DVM a Texas veterinarian and cattleman with over 40 years of experience in the profession.


a) "Calving Season Emergencies" is a base line instructional DVD
for both first-time and experienced cattle breeders.  Many basic
and emergency situations are discussed and filmed.  Valuable tips
are provided throughout for both categories of breeders.  (A list-
ing of topics covered can be found by clicking on "Calving Season
Emergencies" on the menu bar above.)

b) "Calving Season Emergencies II" elaborates on the above DVD
with additional emergencies discussed and filmed.  Advanced
computer graphics are used in the narrative instruction as well as
"in-the-field" filming.  The experienced breeder will be especially
interested in this DVD. (A listing of topics covered can be found
by clicking on "Calving Season Emergencies II" on the menu bar

No matter how much experience, calving always has the potential for the unexpected.
That is true for each and every cattle breeder.  These two DVDs present in a winning manner many of the realities of the art and science of livestock calving.


DVD is supplied in clear plastic case (labeled)

Order from this website or call 1-802-472-7195

Special Note: By ordering both DVDs (one copy of each) you can SAVE $10 total


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