First Calf Heifer Problems

First calf heifer problems can be a major concern for cow/calf producers or any cattleman who has heifers calving for the first time.

Avoiding first calf heifer problems should be a priority subject not only for the cow/calf operator but discussed thoroughly with every employee or participant in the calving season.  Calving first time heifers requires more attention, more calving knowledge and more skill than the mature, experienced cow calving which often occurs without any problems.

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Calving heifers requires calving knowledge about when to intervene. Young heifers may have not achieved sufficient size to handle calving as well as mature cows.

First time heifer calving can, however, be managed with the proper calving knowledge and calving experience involving first calf heifer problems.  Calving first calf heifers does not necessarily mean calving problems but best be prepared.


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heifers ready to calve.

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